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Blindbox Marvel Blacklight #1 Mystery Box

Mystery Box Marvel Blacklight #1

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Product description 
Themed box full of surprises in a stylish package.
Each # number contains the same or similar content.
Limited quantity!
Limited Edition

Includes 6 items

+ exclusive wristband and a sticker

Temporarily sold out or unavailable goods.
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Blacklight Edition #1

A limited edition of Marvel Mystery Box that always includes 2 limited figures of Thor and Captain America in Black Light variation! These figures in exclusive packaging glows under UV light.

These 2 POP! figures and 4 more Marvel themed items can be found in this mystery box, including czech CREW comic + exclusive wristband and a sticker.

Sticker on the POP! figures: Special Edition


What's inside?

The box contains figures and items solely with the theme of Marvel. Each # variation has the same or similar content!
Inside the box, you can find some of these items + exclusive wristband and a sticker

Thor and Captain America Black Light
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Bags with a random mini figure
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